Technology and Other SNAFU’s

So there I was, happily clicking away on my laptop, about 44,000 words into my second book. My youngest daughter runs up to me, giggling and abnormally bright eyed. I looked up and noticed she was entirely naked. “I pooped!” She yelled, then took off down the hallway, cute white cheeks disappearing into her room. 

Panicked, I saved and shut down my laptop, rushing down the hall. She did poop. It was a milk dud graveyard in her room. So, I contained the situation, sanitized the room frantically (I’m a little germophobic), made her get dressed again and–assuming that crazy sauce was her way of saying, “Gee, mom, you’ve been on the computer for a bit and I’d love some of your attention”–I played and pranced and frolicked with them for a few hours. 

After a family outing, we returned home and put the girls to bed. I sat down and powered up the laptop. It booted up, then showed an error screen and rebooted. And rebooted. And rebooted.


Oh yes, we had somehow caught a virus, and I’d only backed up my book to 30,000 words. That is a lot to rewrite, and as most writers know, it might be good, it might be better, but it will probably suck majorly and make you dream about what you lost prior to the crash. I was in a bit of a funk last night.

Enter my superhuman husband, who wiki’d–oh yes he did–how to fix a computer and with the help of Woo-Daddy (that’s the kids’ Grandpa on my husband’s side) fixed my computer as of 2 hours ago. 

I’m on cloud nine. The purpose of this post: Kids do gross things and laptops crash, but have hope because if you have a story burning in your heart that you need to share, everything will work out, one way or another. 




In the Wings

So my pretties, you want to know what’s waiting in the wings, what cards I’ve got up my sleeves?

I think most of you know I’m currently taking a break from short stories and poetry (thanks to all who made me a semi-finalist in the international contest!) to work on a science fiction novel. It’s almost done, and I’m as psyched as can be.

I chose science fiction because my dad was very big into Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek (he’s an equal opportunity sci fi lover)–pretty much any good sci fi show. Since I loved to read, I’d go to the library and pick up sci fi books–Anne McCaffrey, Pat Frank, Ray Bradbury, etc. My major problem was that these books–while mind-blowingly imaginative and intricate–took about twelve chapters before you remotely understood what happened to get the characters to where they were, the devices used in the future, how the world evolved or how an alternate world had come about. I’d recommend the books to my friends and they wouldn’t be able to get into them because we all know American’s now have ten second attention spans! It’s the coffee and YouTube videos.

That bothers me, you know. I was reading something amazing and only 2 other people I knew could share this world with me–what a shame!

So, recently, I decided I was going to remedy this wrong. I needed to share with the world something I knew was amazing in a way everyone could read, understand and love. Let’s bridge the gap–Geeks are in right now.

This is why I’m working on a series based around a man who so evolved androids from the way we perceive them they’re next to impossible to discern from humans. He even experimented on his own flesh and blood infant daughter he was so obsessed with taking an android in it’s raw, robotic form and giving it near-humanity. He renamed them Operers, from the Latin to labor or toil, because he knew they’d be used to serve humans. His name is Professor Exigo, and he is the Father of the Machines. But this story, while founded on him, is not about him alone–it’s about his daughter Ita, what he’s done to her and forced her to become in this modern, dangerous world full of twisted identities and a war brewing on the horizon.

Also in the wings: I wrote a zombie short story that won an award a while back. It was written from the perspective of a man who’d been turned into a zombie and actually retained cognitive thinking. I’ll be turning this  into a novel probably at the end of this year. It’s time to show the other side of the equation in zombie stories!

This is an unusually long post for me, I like to keep things bullet points and bottom lines, but I also listen to you  guys on Twitter, Facebook, in my e-mail and on Goodreads. Keep the comments, criticisms, encouragement and sharing coming!